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A Party Without Cake Is Just a Meeting

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I love dessert. I am the friend who always orders dessert at a restaurant. I'm also a fruit dessert girl, which means summer is my season! Whether you're feeling lazy and just want a quick, easy treat, or are feeling ready to do some serious baking, check out some of my tips and ideas below when you need to get your fix.


Do the Ripe Thing 

It's summa time -- and all of my favorite fruits are ripe during the summer months, from stone fruits (peaches, nectarines, and plums) to berries of all types. 

Thanks to world trade, we can find most fruits year round in the grocery store! But in the summer, I'd recommend going to your local farmer's market to pick up some seasonal finds. Check out the fruit calendar below (credit to my friend Emma for finding this one!) and pick your dessert recipes based on  fruit that is in season.

Easy Peasy

If you don't live in San Francisco like I do, you probably don't want to spend a ton of time in your too-hot kitchen while the weather is beautiful outside! For simple dessert ideas, check out the below:
  1. Grilled peachesThese are topped with butter, sugar, and a bit of mint. YES. 
  2. Broiled nectarines: Mix some honey (1/3 cup) with lemon juice (2 tbsp) and brush on top of four pitted, halved nectarines. Broil for 6-8 minutes. Maybe even serve with ice cream...
  3. Chocolate-dipped cherries: August might be late for cherries per the fruit calendar above, but if you can find some good-looking cherries, I say go for it! 
  4. Berries and cream: Throw some lemon juice on berries before adding a splash of heavy cream. 

All the Time

If you feel like rolling up your sleeves to make a more involved dessert, check out the below:
  1. GalettesThis is one of my all-time favorites. If you're strictly adhering to the fruit calendar, try subbing blueberries for blackberries. Pro tip: Don't accidentally serve this to anyone who has a nut allergy! It's easy to forget they're in there.
  2. GrapesThis is on my list for September. Taking the seeds out of these grapes seems like a good thing to do while watching Bravo.
  3. Figs: I LOVE figs, and they're all over the grocery store right now. Please, someone make this ASAP!

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