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April Showers Bring May Flowers

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Living in Chicago is bleak. Last weekend we had a super snowy day, even though historically weekends in April are 60 degrees! Although I can't control the weather, my indoor plant sanctuary truly brightens up my apartment and mood. If you're looking for some new decor ideas or plantspiration, continue reading!


Plant Care = Self Care

Plants are not only a chic decoration, but they also have a positive impact on daily life. Extensive research by NASA has proven that plants improve indoor air quality by releasing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, increasing humidity and reducing certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide. Additionally, scientists agree houseplants can improve your mood, and have a positive effect on stress reduction, tolerance, and physical discomfort. 

Faux Fo Sho

Although they claim succulents are impossible to kill, I've somehow destroyed more than I want to admit. Enter the solution: faux plants. Especially in light-deprived spaces (i.e., bathrooms, entryways), faux is the way to go. Target, Anthropologie and World Market carry incredible faux plants at a great price point. I keep 2-3 small potted faux succulents on top of each of my toilets to add some zen in our bathrooms, and have a few larger varieties in our entryway, including this eucalyptus potted plant and a mixed seasonal bouquet in a taller vase. I've also been looking for more of a statement piece for one empty corner and want to try this tall faux fiddleleaf tree with positive reviews.  

Easy Come, Hard to Kill

Wanting to incorporate some real plants into the mix, I purchased a sansevieria (snake plant) and pothos about a year ago because they are low-maintenance and perfect for beginners. I'm happy to report even with minimal watering and attention, both are still thriving! I bought mine from Bloomscape and Leon & George, which were great experiences. Each came fully grown, healthy, in cute decorative pots and with detailed instructions for light and water. Easy-care plants also make unique and sophisticated gift ideas -- try Lula's Garden for adorable succulent boxes to celebrate special occasions (new home, birthday, etc.). 

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