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DJ, Just Play That Song

Posted by Cariset on

It's hard enough to motivate yourself to work out, but without a good playlist, it's damn near impossible. I put together this playlist to serve two purposes: Either toget you through an hour-long workout of your choosing, or to turn your normal run into an interval workout. If you're looking for the latter, here's how.

Warm up with a slow jog during the first song. From the second song on, jog at your normal pace, then sprint or increase your pace when the beat drops (usually during the chorus). When the beats per minute (BPM) go back to normal, slow your pace back to a jog. If you've ever done SoulCycle, this is the same idea -- you're just running to the beat of the music instead of riding.

This playlist will take you on an hour-long run, but you can easily scale that back -- just make sure to start with the first song and end with the last song on the list to get a warm-up and cool-down. Happy listening!



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