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Excuse Me, Your Face Is Melting Off

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Summa, summa, summa time! We're nearly one month down, with two to go. For me, summer is about patio parties, outdoor concerts, cocktails with friends, beach days, and sweat. Lots and lots and lots of sweat. It's crazy how I look forward to this season all year yet want to curse it when I step outside and enter an inescapable steam room. This summer, I've made some adjustments to my beauty routine to keep my face from melting off. I'd love to hear what hacks you use to keep your makeup looking cool during these sweltering days. 


Hack #1: Simplify your steps

Who has time for a lengthy makeup routine when there are vacations to take and Aperol Spritzes to drink? To simplify my routine, I completely cut out certain products such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, and powders.  They'll likely just crease in the heat -- not a cute look. I also love using multitasking products during the summer. They are typically quicker to apply and easier to travel with. For example, I'll swap my usual foundation for a tinted sunscreen that provides both coverage and protection. Next, I'll dab a little bit of this lip mask by BITE  on my lips, cheeks, and brow bone and swipe on some mascara. Viola! Just three products for one foolproof, sunkissed look.

Hack #2: Dew it up

Fortunately, glowy skin is in, so embrace that natural glisten that unbearable humidity creates. If you want to elevate your look a bit, incorporate a few dew-enhancing products. Soak your Beautyblender in cold water and dab on some Vapour cream bronzer, a bit of Glossier highlighter in quartz, and a little Becca brightening corrector for under-eye darkness. For more glow inspiration and ideas, follow make-up artist Nam Vo. She's coined the hashtag #dewydumplings and given gorgeous "glow-jobs" to celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Kylie Jenner.  

Hack #3: Smooth as silk

My catch-all secret weapon for flawless summer makeup is dermaplaning.  It's an exfoliating treatment performed by a dermatologist or aesthetician that gently removes the top layer of your facial skin, along with annoying peach fuzz. After this non-invasive treatment, my skin glows naturally and my makeup looks so smooth and doesn't budge, even in the heat! It lasts about three weeks, and I LOVE scheduling it a few days before a special event or vacation. For a DIY or on-the-go version of dermaplaningthese mini razors work wonders.  
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