For better or for worse, bad spray tan included

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Hey there! Kristina here with part two of our three-part wedding wellness series. Today, we're talking beauty.

Given the hype around my "Big Day" and wanting to look and feel my best for the thousands of photos, I immediately gravitated toward my “beauty plan” when I began my wedding prep journey. From lasers to peels to hair extensions to cleanses, I tried nearly everything. There were some successes and some low points. Take it from me; nothing tests the whole “for better or for worse” promise than your fiancé spending an entire weekend indoors with you because your face looks like a snake shedding a layer of skin.

All my pre-wedding experiments paid off now that I can share what I learned with you. Read on if you’re prepping for a big event, or just into this stuff like me!
xo, Kristina


Even after extensive online research, I went through some trials and errors with my beauty plan. For example, after trying eyelash extensions, I contracted an eye infection (gross!), and after my spray tan trial, I looked like an Oompa Loompa. The upside to these failures was that they happened way in advance of my wedding, leaving me with time to recover, iterate, and ultimately find what worked. For me, that ended up being day-of lashes and St. Tropez gradual self-tanner. Think through what’s most important to you beauty-wise and consult with trusted experts to map out customized strategies 6-12 months in advance. NEVER EVER try anything new in the month leading up to your wedding!


I saw the most significant results in the components of my beauty plan that called for an inside-out approach. To me, that meant notably cutting down on my biggest vices -- coffee, red wine, and bagels -- in the few months before my wedding. With a little help from Sakara, I mostly stuck to a plant-based clean-foods diet. Additionally, I made sure to fit in regular workouts (check out Cara's fitness tips here), and tried to get eight hours of sleep a night. For an extra boost, I drank a lot of green smoothies, used The Beauty Chef’s superfood products, and took daily probiotics. While these changes took more discipline than getting a facial, they paid off immensely.


Whether you're the bride, mother-of-the-bride, or a bridesmaid, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of wedding planning. One thing that kept me sane was dedicating a little time each week to reflect. I kept a gratitude journal in the months leading up to my wedding, which helped keep things in perspective. And whenever possible, I tried to show my appreciation to my family and bridesmaids for their love and support throughout planning. I wrote them notes, arranged group manicures, and gifted them a few of my favorite beauty products (including this eye mask for a deep night’s sleep and these Peter Thomas Roth mini face masks). Taking the time to spread the love helped me feel more centered on my wedding day.
Kristina and her bridesmaids.

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