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With our time at business school wrapping up, we can’t help but feel a bit emotional. As we look forward and think about our next steps, we've been spending time reflecting on the experiences we've had at Kellogg these past two years. We’re overwhelmed by all we'll be taking with us – primarily from the time spent working together on Cariset. 

It’s difficult to put into words what our time at Kellogg means. One way to distill some of our Kellogg feelings is to take inventory of what’s in one of our backpack's during our last week of classes. These innocuous items reveal bits and pieces of life as a Kellogg student. As the age-old adage goes, “Never judge a “backpack” by its cover. It’s what’s inside that counts.” And as the new-age Beyonce lyric goes, “I got hot sauce in my bag”:

  • Planner: A personal challenge that commonly faced while at Kellogg was learning how to prioritize. There are hundreds of ways to get involved and it can be difficult to know which activities would prove most valuable long-term. Spending time writing out a weekly schedule, managing to-do’s and journaling notes and intentions helped keep us on track.
  • Kellogg Ski & Snowboard Club t-shirt: Given long days on campus, we'd often bring gym clothes in our backpack’s bottom compartment to work out in the school's fitness center. We love this t-shirt in particular because we helped plan the 2017 Telluride ski trip. Whether on the bunny slopes or black diamonds, the trip was a great way to decompress after fall quarter and bond with more than 850 of our classmates.  
  • Bain water bottle: During fall quarter, consulting firms shower first-year students with swag like umbrellas and water bottles. Even though we didn’t actively recruit for consulting, the Bain water bottle is a reminder of the career goals we had in mind when applying to Kellogg as well as the plethora of resources that were available on and off campus to help reach those goals.
  • Sri Lanka hand cream: We picked up the best hand cream while traveling in India and Sri Lanka together over spring break this year. From walking around the majestic Taj Mahal to surfing the scenic beaches of Unawatuna, it was an unforgettable adventure trip. We’ve had the opportunity to travel internationally through Kellogg and valued every minute.
  • Microsoft SurfacePro laptop: It would be impossible to survive at Kellogg without a laptop. Besides the obvious – such as needing it to complete statistical analyses for a marketing course – we were surprised and excited to gain access to innovative technologies such as Slack for daily communications with each other.
  • Cariset VentureCat judging feedback formsWe recently won the opportunity to pitch at Northwestern’s university-wide startup competition, VentureCat. It was such an adrenaline rush to share our excitement for Cariset with hundreds of attendees. It also was useful to get direct feedback from leaders in Chicago’s venture capital world. Co-founding a company while in school and taking advantage of Kellogg’s first-rate entrepreneurship program has been one of the best experiences.

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