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Kristina Got a Perm... For Her Eyelashes

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While blondes allegedly have more fun, having blonde eyelashes is bleak. Even with countless coats of mascara, my lashes don't have that "wow-factor" my dark-haired friends naturally wake up with. I'd do anything for longer, darker, more dramatic lashes. But I'm also lazy and busy, so I want to get there in the mostefficient way possible. Below are six treatments and products I've tried on my quest to achieve Kardashian-like lashes with minimal daily effort, in order from my favorite to least favorite. These treatments are just as impactful for non-blondes as well, so feel free to test them out and share your thoughts! 

Favorite: Lift

Hands down the most impactful, worthwhile, and healthy way to transform your lashes. A lash lift is a keratin treatment that enhances your lashes by giving them a natural curl. The lift takes about one hour and while the keratin solution smells a little like a perm, I've been assured it's hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals (no formaldehyde or parabens). The most amazing thing is that the lift lasts around three MONTHS. That's right, MONTHS. And because my daily routine is super low maintenance when I have a lift and tint done (you can do both at once), my lashes are able to grow stronger and healthier long-term.

Runner-Up: Growth Serum

A simple DIY strategy for more beautiful lashes is to apply a lash growth serum to your lashes every other night. It's so quick and easy -- legit takes no more than 2.5 seconds to apply. I love Latisse (I buy it through my dermatologist) because I've seen a noticeable difference in just two weeks, with no side effects. My aesthetician swears by castor oil, which is organic, all-natural, and has been around forever. Egyptians used it to treat baldness back in the day. 


Want fuller lashes by tonight? The hands-down fastest way to transform your lashes is to gently line the top of your eye's waterline, which is underneath your top lashes. This will create a dark area that instantly makes your lashes look fuller and longer. I love Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Pencil.


A tint is a super easy and quick treatment (~5-10 minutes) that dyes your eyelashes darker. It reduces the amount of mascara you need to apply, maybe even eliminates the need to apply mascara at all. But sadly the results aren't very long-lasting -- I find it fades in a week or so. 


The only times I've worn falsies were as a bridesmaid in friends' weddings and on my own wedding day -- when I had my makeup done by a professional. I love how fake eyelashes open up my eyes, but they can feel slightly uncomfortable and I know I wouldn't be able to glue them on myself for the life of me. Pro tip: If you're dying for falsies but don't trust yourself not to glue your eyes shut, head over to Sephora for a free (!) 15-minute makeover. You'll have to buy the falsies, but a pro will put them on for you.


I tried lash extensions for a hot minute and they were just not worth it for me. As part of my typical evening routine, I like to vigorously wash my face, rub my eyes to remove any makeup, and of course, put on my eye mask before passing out. With extensions on, I had to be so careful with every step in my routine, even the position I slept in, or I'd risk lashes falling out or getting all wonky and sticking out in weird directions. I also realized in order to make them look their best, I'd need to get them professionally filled every two to three weeks, which is too high-maintenance and costly for me. 

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