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T Minus 3 Weeks!

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With just three weeks to go, the countdown to my wedding is officially on! While I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed, I'm also focused on making these next three weeks count so I end up going into my wedding prepared and feeling good. See below for my wedding prep routine, and please please please reach out if you have any additional tips for me!



I'm not going to lie... the food part has been a bit of a struggle for me. I've really tried to cut down on carbs and eat more fiber (leaning on the F-Factor diet for guidance), but I can't always resist a tostada or piece of pizza. My sweet tooth has been raging, and I've been eating dark chocolate almost every night (hey, it has antioxidants and fiber, right?!). While typically I hibernate during the week and eat well/go to bed early, these last few weeks I've had things going on nearly every night, and with that some of the healthy habits I try to keep get brushed under the rug.

Generally, I've been trying to stick to a mix of protein and fiber at each meal. For breakfast, that usually means either greek yogurt with brand buds and raspberries or scrambled eggs with GG crackers. 

We've been on a salad kick for lunch, so I top a base of spinach with a hard boiled egg and whatever else we have on hand (olives, tomatoes, red onion, etc.)

For dinner, if we're not going out, we're usually having protein (fish, chicken, or steak) with roasted veggies. My problem is when I do go out - I have SUCH a hard time restricting my eating when I'm paying to go out to dinner!

I'm going to try to take it easy the next three weeks (while possibly cutting back on sugar and red wine) to get back on track so I head into my wedding feeling my best!


While Kristina is our resident skin guru, I too have an obsession with skincare products. I recently went to a skin product consultation at a skincare clinic and got the official stamp of approval on my routine, so I'll share it below!



  • I wash my face with a cleansing balm. I switch this out a lot -- right now I'm using Farmacy's.
  • I alternate between using a night serum and a retinol. Right now, I'm using Drunk Elephant for both.
  • For moisturizer, I'm using Peter Thomas Roth again -- this time the hyaluronic acid moisturizer!
  • The eye "cream" I've been using is Cocokind's matcha stick! I usually use this morning and night.

I'm also getting a dermaplane facial in about a week, so will report back on that!


This is the part of my wedding prep that has been lacking for the last month. Between long hours at work, stress over last-minute wedding planning, and a much earlier than usual commute, most of my self-care routine has fallen by the wayside.

My goal is to really find balance and more "me time" in the next three weeks. I'm going to get to bed earlier, work out more often, and spend more time at home decompressing.

I am a much worse version of myself when I'm highly stressed out. It takes a lot to get me there, but I've managed to approach that point and I'm planning to spend the next three weeks focusing on what's really important so I can get back to being zen for my big day!

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