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Update on Our Preorder

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Hey there!

We've been hard at work getting our preorder backpacks ready to ship! Here's what we've been up to.


After making prototypes with several factories both in the U.S. and abroad, we decided on our factory in Vietnam and placed our first production order. The quality of their products blew away the competition!


Cara traveled to our factory in Vietnam to meet our production partners. While there, she met with leather technicians, metal hardware specialists, edge-painting pros -- the list goes on. Cara was incredibly impressed at the attention to detail each bag was paid, not to mention the hospitality our partners showed her.


Production is underway! There are about 15 steps in our production process, from cutting leather to embossing logos to reinforcing structure. Once backpacks are assembled, each undergoes a stress test to ensure it can endure wear and tear.


Production concludes, and backpacks begin their journey from Vietnam to our U.S. headquarters.

We'll also be sourcing new materials for future product lines.


Backpacks arrive in the U.S. and begin shipping out to customers. 

We can't wait to get your backpacks to you -- we know you'll love them as much as we do!


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