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Vacay Souvenirs: Sandy Clothes, Tan Lines, and 10 Lbs

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I've been living like I'm on vacation (read: eating whatever I want) since finishing grad school in early June (okay, okay, I've been on actual vacation since then too). While it's been amazing, it's also wreaked havoc on my body and waistline. I'm getting measurements taken for my wedding dress the third week of August -- eek! -- so I'm doing a serious two-week detox. Nothing like necessity to get you back on track. Below are the guidelines and some recipes I'll be using! Feel free to try it yourself next time you vacation too hard.



  1. No grains 
  2. No dairy
  3. Lean proteins only
  4. 80% veggies (and fruit!), with an emphasis on leafy green vegetables

Breakfast Ideas

I'm planning to stick to smoothies for breakfast over the next couple of weeks. One reason is that I want to try collagen powder -- I'm a huge skeptic, but I'm always willing to try something that can help my skin!

For smoothies, I like a combination of fruits (usually frozen), something green (a few kale leaves), and almond milk. For week one, I'll stick to frozen blueberries (1 cup), a frozen banana, kale (2 leaves), and almond milk. Usually I'll add enough almond milk to cover the ingredients and add more if I want to thin it out.  

Lunch Ideas

I'm not going to lie...lunch is my least favorite meal of the day. I'm planning to stick to salads (wish me luck -- I am NOT a salad-as-a-meal person) with this carrot ginger dressing or just good old-fashioned olive oil and vinegar.

I picked up one of my favorite salad tricks from Chrissy Teigen's first cookbook. If I'm making a kale salad, I drop the leaves in boiling water for 30 seconds and dry them before tearing. This makes the kale much easier to eat in salad form.

I'll add some cucumber, avocado, radish, sunflower seeds -- anything to improve the texture so I don't feel like I'm eating a bowl of leaves. Salad's one redeeming quality is that you can change up what you add to it every day.

Dinner Ideas 

I'll be sticking to lean proteins -- cue salmon and chicken. I'll steam salmon over a bed of fennel, dill, and lemons (to do this without a steamer, add about 1/4 cup of water to your pan along with fennel/dill/lemon/whatever you're using and cover, cooking until the white starts to seep out of the salmon and the salmon is opaque in the middle).

For chicken, I'll be either roasting or grilling (using my new grill pan!), and serving with a Mediterranean-inspired salad of olive oil, cucumbers, olives, and red onions on top. When I make a salad like this, I don't follow a recipe -- I just cut up as many of each vegetable as I want (though I would advise going lighter on the onion). 

Dessert Ideas

Sorry -- I have to. Huge dessert person. When I'm "eating right," I still like to trick myself into thinking I'm having dessert. Usually I go with some almond butter and clementines (I know -- sounds weird, but if you like orange chocolate, you should give it a try), though any fruit will do! I also like eating raspberries with any nut butter (peanut butter and jelly!) -- I always try to add raspberries to my diet because they are SO good for you.



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