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Wedding Wellness: Fitness Edition

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Happy June! Time for BBQs, beach days, and weddings galore. Whether you're a guest, a bridesmaid, or the bride herself, summer calendars are chock full of weddings. This marks the first of our three-part wedding wellness series to get you looking and feeling your best.

First up: Fitness. Below are my top three takeaways from prepping (training?) for my own wedding, but they're applicable to guests and brides alike. 

- Cara

#1: Ladies Who Lift

Want to tone up? Stop logging marathon sessions on the elliptical and pick up some heavy weights. (Don't believe me? Read up.)

I'd always wanted to learn how to properly lift weights, and figured my wedding was the perfect excuse. I enlisted the help of my friend Bret Gornik, Nike trainer, Barry's Bootcamp instructor, and entrepreneur (aka the most motivated human alive). As it turns out, strength training made me look and feel better (not to mention stronger) than any other workout I'd tried over the years -- marathon training included.

To get started, try Bret's one-week strength training workout plan, which he put together just for us. You can do this in any gym, which I'd recommend if you're new to lifting weights -- grab a trainer on the floor to watch your form the first couple of times. Shoot to lift 3-4 days a week.

#2: Ladies Who HIIT

On the days you're not strength-training, high-intensity interval training is the way to go if you're looking to burn fat quickly and effectively. You've heard this from me before, so I'll say no more. Check out our past HIIT workouts here.

#3: Mind Out of the Gutter

This one's for the brides-to-be. Everyone -- whether or not they admit it -- has their own preconceived notions about what a wedding should and shouldn't be. What does that mean for you? Stress. While physical fitness can help manage that, make sure you're also taking care of yourself mentally.

Before you get anywhere close to your wedding day, set boundaries and figure out how you best cope with stress. For me, that meant establishing a weekly phone call with our venue and planner; outside of that meeting, I tried not to answer wedding-related requests unless they were urgent. To manage stress, I worked out, tried to get eight hours of sleep a night, and dedicated quality time to preparing for marriage (not just the wedding) with my now-husband and our priest.

The important thing here is to figure out what works for you so that you're able to keep things in perspective and enjoy!
Cara on her wedding day
Cara on her wedding day.

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