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What is CBD and Why is it Suddenly Everywhere?

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Being the basic girl that I am, something about January makes me want to shake up everything in my life (beauty routine, clothes, exercise, etc. etc. etc.). Of course, I’ve been doing Dry January (so hard!), which led me to visit a dispensary for the first time in San Francisco. 

Instead of opting for typical cannabis, though, I opted for some high-CBD, low-THC tea. Unlike THC, the main compound in marijuana and hemp plants, CBD doesn't have the same psychoactive effects (read: it doesn't make you feel high). Instead, it makes you feel relaxed (not paranoid), and is known to alleviate pain, among other health benefits. Plus, marijuana-derived CBD is legal in nearly all 50 states (and hemp-derived CBD is legal at the federal level!).

I wound up loving this CBD tea, and started experimenting with incorporating other forms of CBD into my nightly routine. And it's making a big difference. More below!


What is CBD?

CBD is one of the compounds found in cannabis. Unlike THC, the compound in cannabis that you often hear about, CBD doesn’t make you feel high. Instead, it’s more widely known for its therapeutic properties. It has been taking the wellness world by storm, with everyone from influencers to celebs singing its praises. In fact, two former Goop staffers quit to start the “Sephora of CBD,” so you know it’s officially a thing.

I’ve been wearing a fitness tracker for the last few months and have noticed that I get “bad” to “average” deep sleep every night. After researching enough to trust that high CBD products wouldn’t make me feel weird, I decided to give a CBD tincture a try. Lo and behold, my deep sleep started improving. In fact, my fitness tracker said I was getting  “good” deep sleep nearly every day while using CBD!

One note: It’s important to figure out the right dosage and timing, which I’m still working on. CBD has the capacity to energize you if you take too low a dose. I also find taking it too early before bed doesn’t have the desired effect of helping me get more deep sleep. Play around with it and write down how different doses and timing make you feel until you get it right! The cool thing about CBD is your body never adjusts to the dosage, meaning you can take it every day without increasing your tolerance.

Where Do I Start?

CBD comes in a few different forms. This Fleur Marche guide is helpful to understand what they’re all about.

If you have issues with pain, soreness, or muscle stiffness, topicals could be the way to go. Kristen Bell, Olivia Wilde, and Mandy Moore have all praised Lord Jones for their topicals (Sephora carries their lotion!).

Tinctures are faster acting than edibles, which can take longer to set in. Vapes are another fast-acting option. The nice thing about tinctures (and vapes) is that it’s super easy to adjust your dosing. I just ordered the Lord Joneslemon tincture (though was debating between that and Populum), and I can say for certain that it is potent!

Since marijuana-derived CBD is legal in most states, you should be able to order any of the above online. (Marijuana-derived CBD is still illegal in Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota, but look out for hemp-derived CBD products, which are legal nationwide.)

Still a little nervous before your first time? "Losing your CBD virginity" from our friends at the Dose Co. will make you feel better -- promise.

Beyond CBD

If you happen to live in a state where cannabis is now fully legal, you can look out for the below brands, which I am also a fan of!

Kikoko - These products are a bit on the pricier side, but I am a big fan of the Sympa-tea (I tried their Tranquili-tea but it actually kept me up for hours -- I much prefer the high CBD low THC combination in the Sympa-tea). I’ve also tried their Calm honeysticks. There is a theory that CBD works better when accompanied by THC. All I know for sure is that these products taste good and don’t leave me mute!

Plus - These gummies (only available in California, for now) have been the death of me when I get the dosing wrong, but they’ve also helped me to really enjoy dry January while everyone around me is drinking (for the record, I’ve only tried the THC products). For me, the secret is to only take half of a 5 mg THC dose (usually half a gummy) if I want to remain a functional, speaking human who is comfortable being in public. I will definitely be trying their CBD products!

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