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Yaaas, Queen

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Lucky for us, the Fab Five gifted us a third season of Queer Eye on Netflix a few weeks ago. This season is an emotional roller coaster in the best way possible. In the rare moments I wasn't crying (each episode is a serious tearjerker), I was soaking up the feel-good moments and beaming with joy. In a time where it seems like the daily news is apocalyptic, these five guys won me over with authentic moments with a side of home makeovers, grooming recommendations, cooking lessons, fashion advice, and overall tips for feeling fierce. 

For those who have never watched Queer Eye, each episode features a "hero," or a real person in dire need of an internal and external transformation. The Fab Five consists of five gay men each with their own expertise (fashion, cooking, culture, home, and beauty) and the group spends a week with the hero, elevating their lives. The series not only made me fall in love with the heroes and five hosts, but also appreciate myself and those around me more. For some of the top lessons I learned from season three (no spoilers included), keep reading! And if you haven't watched any episodes yet, do yourself a favor and get into it. 


Self-Care Isn't Selfish

Jonathan Van Ness is one of my favorite characters, which is no surprise as he's the show's beauty and skincare guru. My biggest takeaway from JVN, as he's known among fans, is that you need to show up for yourself and invest in self-care moments, whether it's getting yourself to the salon for a hair cut or taking a second to groom at home. It's all about finding your little pocket of joy even if you're stressed or dealing with tough times because that will help you show up for those you care about. Also, off the show, JVN is teaching himself how to figure skate, is friends with Justin Theroux, regularly wears high heels, and has the most GORG hair. Serious #goals.

Make Your Style Work for You

I love how Tan France, the resident fashion expert, always takes time to understand the hero's current style, how the clothes they wear make them feel, and what they are looking for. He likes to identify a celebrity fashion icon to initially source inspiration, but always stresses the importance of making sure your style is true to YOU. Basically, don't try to force anything, but think about how you can make small tweaks (such as a fun camo jacket or colorful shoe) to elevate your look and feel your best.

Fill Your Home with Things You Love

Bobby Berk is the home "Fixer Upper" of the series. He definitely has a signature modern look to his renovations but he blends it seamlessly with items of sentimental value to the heroes. My biggest takeaway from Bobby's design aesthetic is not to stress about how each and every piece will match with others in your apartment or home, but to focus on collecting items you love. For example, Bobby somehow makes taxidermy fit into a modern farmhouse theme in the first episode, and creates a touching memorial for one hero's wife who passed in episode six to honor her legacy.  

Cooking Makes Memories

Antoni Porowski is a serious dreamboat and he shows versatility in the dishes he cooks up with his subject this season. He also reminds us that food can be so nostalgia-inducing and truly a way to create memories with your family and friends. You probably don't remember the times your family microwaved a TV dinner, but you do remember those meals you made from scratch with them. Everyone is capable of cooking and it can be as simple as you want to make it, but an important way to bring your family together. Antoni also teaches us ground flaxseed is helpful for consistent bowel movements and eyeliner can look gorgeous on a gay man. You know, the important things.

Break Down Your Walls

Fun fact: Karamo Brown was the first openly gay man on reality TV when he was a star on The Real World: Philadelphia in 2004. On Queer Eye, Karamo delivers advice in the culture sector, which includes everything from how to embrace your femininity to finding your biological family to not being afraid to ask for help. One thing I appreciate about Karamo's method is he LOVES a physical metaphor and has the heroes climb rock walls, work out, and take dance classes to understand how getting out of your comfort zone physically can give you the confidence to also get there emotionally. 

There's No Such Thing as Being Too Kind, Hunny

After binge-watching this season, I learned how to better apply moisturizer and catwalk in high heels. But, at the end of the day, the most important lesson was in how genuinely kind the Fab Five are. They truly care about each of their heroes and others in the show, and seem to genuinely lift one another up by sharing jokes, cuddles, and constant support. I'm channeling those feel-good vibes and spreading some love into the world because we all could use a little good juju. 


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