At Cariset, we know the key to feeling like you're on top of the world starts with your bag.

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“This woman carrying three bags is all of us.”— Cosmopolitan magazine


We’ve all been there. You head to the gym before work, spend the day at the office, and find time to make it your daughter’s soccer game or meet friends for drinks afterward. After a day like that, you deserve a medal (you made it to the gym, for crying out loud!). Instead, you look like a lop-sided hoarder carrying all of her worldly possessions in three separate bags.

We’ll pass.

On a mission to build a better backpack.

Better Backpack

At Cariset, we believe the key to feeling like you’re on top of the world starts with your bag. (That’s bag, not bags.)

Our backpack is designed to make you look effortlessly put-together, thanks to its waterproof bottom pocket and padded laptop sleeve, finished off with gorgeous pebbled leather. It’s like your gym bag, work tote, and designer purse had a baby…a beautiful, comfortable baby.




We met and rediscovered our love for backpacks in business school. Sick of carrying a combo of painful totes and Lululemon shopping bags, we looked everywhere for a backpack we’d be equally happy carrying to the office, out to dinner, or to the gym. None fit the bill.

So we built our own.

One year, seven prototypes, and 859 pamplemouse La Croix later, we’re so excited to share our better backpack with you.

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